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Shitcoins of all countries, shapes, and forms:
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Let’s unite and hunt down all Shitcoins before they can burn your funds!

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Pre-Launch Party

Thank you for joining us on our awesome Pre-Launch Party at Room77 in Berlin Kreuzberg in June 2019. 
Everybody who came will get a special place in our hearts and memories as this was the first of many to come events for the community of shitcoingraveyard!

WTF is

Shitcoins are various cryptocurrencies that are devalued mostly by reasons of fraud, stupidity, hacks or market manipulation. Most Shitcoins have at least two things in common: (1) they are NOT Bitcoin and (2) there are a high number of investors who did not exit early enough.

If you manage to buy low and sell high, cryptocurrencies can be a blessing. But like with most things in life, for someone to win someone else has to lose. With the total number of cryptocurrencies being in the thousands, there are a high number of these projects that will never deliver on their timeline and burn all the invested capital, joining the gallery of broken dreams and bad investment decisions.
There might be hope for some, but for almost 1,000 shitcoins there is no hope left - they are dead and deserve a fancy tombstone on a Shitcoingraveyard.

At an ICO whitelisting party in Berlin (maybe after a few beers), two notorious entrepreneurs (Rektor Moon & Cryptonator1337) had an idea: The world needs a place for all the dead cryptocurrencies and tokens to rest in peace. The last honor for exit scams, rekt coins, tokens, and digital cloud-castles. A place where rekt shitcoin holders get entertained and educated while waiting for the moon. 
The idea of was born!

Shortly after that evening, Marten, an expert in decentralized governance and company architect and Christoph, a finance whiz and EDHEC MBA joined the project and started building. We ended up programming armies of digital minions to aggregate data from several public sources in the effort to build a database with more than 4,000 cryptocurrencies, including almost 1,000 dead or zombie coins.
Our approach to this data is based on a time-series architecture and focuses on historical exchange and social data. With this database, we scan projects for patterns we discovered in rekt coins and we provide entertaining systems and tools. Ultimately we hope to have a positive impact on the whole cryptocurrency-ecosystem. And we invite you to laugh along the way.

In the center is our Shitcoingraveyard magazine, covering the most important events, topics, opinions and general craziness of the cryptocurrency scene. We will bring satire to an already ridiculous genre and leave no stone unturned when it comes to shitcoins and scammers.
Whether you are an early adopter who traded crypto just one day after Satoshi mined the first Bitcoins, or you are a winner of the crypto altseason, or one of the completely rekt people who were a bit late and fell off the end of the train while trying to hop is a place for all of us!

We are excited to build and extend our platform for a global audience. We hope to accomplish two things: Make you laugh and help us to spot scammers and bad investments early. Never forget: Don’t give a shit! Except if you are visiting our site.

The Shitcoingraveyard Team



Our infamous Shitcoingraveyard lives on the moon in the midst of crashed lambos where the failed projects are buried to remind us of their accumulated amount of destructed market cap. Hopefully, all Shitcoins will rest in peace and not make a comeback as a zombie coin.


Our featured news asteroid belt around the Shitcoin-Moon is a frequently updated source of the last and most lasting fails in crypto and more unbelievable stories in the space. Hold your fud.

Shit Score

We will provide a decentralized rating of living crypto-currencies with a reputation-based incentive model and space for the community to engage. All built upon our gigantic database of historical data.
The higher the SHITSCORE the shittier your project!

Dead Coins

Rest in shit, you piece of coin! To make things clear - this is our definition of Deadcoins (the proven Shitcoins with a permanent residency on the Shitcoingraveyard):
- Team abandoned project
- Website down or discontinued
- Trading volume lower than 100 USD per day

Zombie Coins

Zombie Coins are coins trapped between the living and the dead. They still walk around, hoping to find peace on our Shitcoingraveyard.
 Definition is:
- Team abandoned project
- Website down or discontinued
- Trading volume still active

Many More

While fighting the last bugs, we will release a series of applications, community features and games in the future. Stay tuned for more announcements of announcements...


"Rektor Moon"

Chief Gravedigger


Finance Guy


Partnership Gal


Buidl Guy